US rapper, Cardi B grooves and chill with the older generation at the carpool karaoke show

American rapper, Cardi B definitely knows how to serve it hot for to her avid fans. The American rapper joined James Corden in his YouTube feature titled Carpool Karaoke.

James and Cardi rapped to various songs blasting from the radio speakers in the car.

We all know Cardi B always serves extra. She did not hesitate to yell while the car was in motion to kids at the park and gave them good advice- Stay In School.

Cardi also attempted driving during the Carpool Karaoke but the attempt was a bit of a failure.

Both Corden and Cardi B interrupted a dancing class and performed one of her hits, I Like It, and danced with the older folks.

Also the rapper was asked out by an older man called Gunter.

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