Nollywood stars, Annie Idibia, Ifu Ennada and more star in new movie titled 'Mad Over You'

Nollywood stars, Annie Idibia, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ifu Ennada and Linda Osifo feature in a new Nollywood movie titled “Mad About You“.

By the way, Annie Idibia looks amazing in this outfit for the cover of the movie.

Read synopsis below:
Dami is an A-list actor at the peak of his career. He is engaged to Nkechi, a sexy and highly sought after model who is also climbing the social ladder very fast. On the outside, they look like the perfect couple, the envy of all. Everyone wants to be them and everyone wants to be with them. Dami and Cynthia are caught cozy on camera and a rumour starts, could Dami be leaving Kech for Cynthia? All these answers revealed in phenomenal storytelling, laced with light, funny but intriguing dialogue is what will make “Mad About You” the best selling RomCom that it so wants to be.
Watch "Mad About You" trailer below...

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